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Coventry Christian - 2021 Accreditation Self Study

Coventry Christian Schools is completing its self study evaluation in 2021.  This process is part of the Excellence by Design protocol through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  "Excellence by Design is an accreditation protocol that uses strategic planning as a vehicle for growth and improvement in student performance and in the school's capacity to effect that growth.  ... it is a future-oriented and visionary process.  In addition, the protocol provides for a continuous review of programs and services and of the results of student performance."

As part of the self study process, the school is organizing committees to evaluate 12 separate areas of our school.  We are inviting you to join one of these committees.  By joining a committee you will help to evaluate a specific area of our school between July, 2021 and November, 2021.  Over these 5 months committees will meet 2-4 times and committee members will invest 5-15 hours of time.  The success of our self-study process relies on feedback and evaluation from a diverse group of constituents including administration, board members, teachers, parents, students, alumni and others.  Please review the committee options below and use the form to indicate your interest.  We recommend that constituents choose just one committee to support.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Accreditation Standards

To view the full standards document, click here.  A brief description of each standard is given below.


Committee Chair:  Mark Niehls

The school has a mission that conveys clearly and concisely the school's vision of a preferred future for the school community and its expectations for student learning...

Governance and Leadership

Committee Chair:  John Mark Niehls

The school is chartered, licensed, and/or authorized by the appropriate civil authority(ies) and is in compliance with all applicable statutes, ordinances, and regulations of all civil authorities of the jurisdictions(s) in which the school operates... The school's governing body and leadership act ethically and consistently to ensure an atmosphere of mutual respect, purposeful effort, and a productive environment...

School Improvement Planning

Committee Chair:  Barbara Haas

The school plans strategically and continuously to grow and improve its students' performance and the school's capacity to produce the levels of student performance desired and expected by its community of stakeholders...


Committee Chair:  John Mark Niehls

The school has financial resources that are sufficient to provide its students with the educational program defined in the school's mission and strategic plan...


Committee Chair:  Danny Conicelli

The school provides facilities that are safe, clean, and well maintained and that are appropriate and adequate to achieve the school's mission...

School Organization & Staff

Committee Chair:  Gena Oliver

The school's organization facilitates achievement of its purposes and core values as expressed in its mission and succesful implementation of its education program, services, and activities...

Health & Safety

Committee Chair:  Sarah Lohr

The school provides a safe, orderly, and health environment for teaching and learning that meets the health and safety requirements of the civil jurisdiction(s) in which the school operates...

Educational Program

Committee Chair:  Jill Barton

The school's educational program consists of carefully planned and well-executed programs of study that are based on appropriate content and learning standards...

Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning

Committee Chair:  Navin Mathew

The school has a program for assessing student learning and performance that is consistent with the school's mission...

Student Services

Committee Chair:  Priscilla Miro

The school provides student services that are effective, appropriate, and that support student learning and achieving the school's mission...

Student Life and Student Activities

Committee Chair:  David Smith

The school provides non-discriminatory student experiences.  A balance of academic, social, co- or extra- curricular and service experiences are maintained...

Information Resources

Committee Chair:  Joe Lohr

The school's information resources and personnel are appropriate and adequate in scope, quantity, and quality to facilitate achieving the school's mission and delivery of its educational programs...

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