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2021 CCS Celebration Day!


CCS will celebrate the end of our year with a picnic and party at the Sanatoga Swim Club and Park!  The Sanatoga Swim Club is a beautiful property consisting of 20 acres which includes a walking stream, playgrounds, a large pavilion and of course the pool!  

Parents are welcome to come and join their kids at the pool.  If you choose to attend, you and your children can stay at the pool until it closes at 6pm.    If you plan to come to the pool for the afternoon with your children, you must arrive by 2:30 as teachers will be heading back to the school.  Students whose parents do not attend will return to the school for dismissal at 3:10pm.

Grammar School Details

Grammar School Schedule of Activities

8:30am Final Classroom cleanup and activities

11:30am Leave for Sanatoga Swim Club

11:45am Eat lunch in pavilion 

12:15pm Change for pool

12:30pm Swim time

2:15pm Change to return to school

2:30pm Return to school

Secondary School Details

Secondary School Schedule of Activities

8:00am Final House cleanup and activities

9:30am Secondary Academic Awards

11:50am Leave for Beulah Land

12:00pm Eat lunch in pavilion

12:45pm Game time/Free time in the park

1:15pm Change for pool

1:30pm Swim time

2:45pm Change & return to school

The cost of celebration day is $5 per student which covers the cost of our BBQ & Hot Dog lunch!

Important Information for parents:

  • Sanatoga Swim Club Pool has a kiddie pool/fountain, which is less than 1 foot deep.  

  • The main pool has 3 sections which include: shallow kid’s end (1.5-2.5 feet), a 25 meter swim area (3.5 - 5 feet), and a deep water diving well with 2 diving boards (6.0-12.0 feet)

  • Children who are not experienced swimmers should wear floaties or a swimming vest.  Please communicate with your child’s teacher regarding their swimming ability. Younger and inexperienced swimmers will be kept in the kiddie pool and kid’s areas only.

  • The Sanatoga Swim Club snack bar will be open and available for families staying after 3pm.  

  • There is a large park available for families which includes a large pavilion, playground, field, and creek.  There is a lot to do if you stay for the afternoon.

  • Parents who register will be able to take part in the picnic lunch.

  • CCS students and guests must meet our school modesty rules.  Males are not permitted to wear speedos. Females must wear a one piece suit or have a suit that covers the midriff such as a tankini.


As guests of Sanatoga Swim Club we must abide by the pool rules and regulations as well:


Pool & Park Rules

  • No alcoholic beverages anywhere on the grounds.

  • Food is permitted in the pool area at the Management's discretion.

  • Non-swimmers are not permitted on diving platforms (swimming test may be requested by lifeguard)

  • No immodest bathing suits or clothing on the grounds (per mgmt discretion).  This includes female 2 piece bathing suits which reveal the midriff and male speedo style bathing suits.

  • No profanity anywhere on the grounds.

  • No glass containers or TVs permitted on the grounds.  Music devices are permitted with headphone use only (no audible music to the public).

  • No smoking in the pool area, pavilion or in any buildings.

  • No ATV's, skateboards, scooters or roller blades on the grounds.

  • No dogs or other pets allowed.

  • No running on pool decks or in bath house.

  • No horseplay, fighting or towel-slapping.

  • No chewing gum or spitting in pool area.

  • No public displays of affection between non-married persons.

  • Children not potty-trained must wear swim diapers under swim suits when using the pools.

  • Any children under age 13 must have an adult guardian (over 18) who will be responsible for the child.

  • Only one person on the diving board at a time.

  • No dives intended to splash water out of the pool are permitted.

  • No inflated swimming devices are permitted in the diving well.

  • Only soft balls are permitted in the pool unless special permission is granted.

  • No water pistols or water balloons are permitted in the pool area.

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