Grammar School 2022 FALL Clubs


Beginning the week of September 26 to the week of November 7


Lego Club - Mr. Brasch - Kind. through 2nd - Tuesdays - $40

Calling​ all LEGO fans!  Connect with us each week for theme building, speed design challenges, fun games, or just relax with free building with Lego.

Ballet Club - Mrs. Newell - Kind. through 2nd - Fridays - $40

Through the joy of dance, music and the imagination, children learn classical ballet and dance fundamentals.  Guided by the developmental stages of childhood, "Dancing like David" supports gross motor development, listening skills, and spatial awareness while encouraging creativity, rhythm, and self-expression.  Recital will be held on the last day of club.  Students need to provide pink ballet shoes, pink tights and a black leotard with skirt.  Boys will wear black leggings, athletic t-shirt and black ballet shoes.


A Taste of Italy! - Mrs. Lombardi - 3rd through 5th - Thursdays - $40

Do you like Italian foods?  Would you like to learn more about the history, culture, foods, and language of Italy?  Join us to learn more about Italy and to taste and cook some authentic Italian foods.  We will be cooking and tasting bread, pasta, desserts, and more!


Origami Club - Ms. Marlowe - 3rd through 5th - Mondays - $40

Learn the step by step process to the unique art of origami.  Every week we will learn to make a different origami creation, from butterflies to ninja stars.

Sports Club - Mrs. Pritt - 3rd - 5th - Thursdays - $40

Welcome to the wonderful world of sports!!! No experience is required to have fun! We will learn how to play soccer, kickball, 9 square, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and more. Athletes need to come dressed to play with athletic clothing, sneakers, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and a snack to keep their energy up so they can keep moving!

Birding Club - Mrs. Fartro - 3rd through 5th - Mondays - $40

Soar into the wonderful world of birds in our new Birding Club with Mrs. Fartro.  We will learn to identify birds native to our area, report to the group the birds we have personally seen, explore the area around us for birds, and more!  We plan to visit the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove as well.  More details to come on that!

Dr. Seuss' Books - Mrs. Roque - K - 2nd - Thursdays - $40

Dr. Seuss Club will feature weekly book readings with themed "Hands-On Activities inspired by Dr. Seuss" (all with the added fun of learning).  Come join us as we explore The Cat in The Hat, One Fish Two Fish, The Foot Book, Green Eggs and Ham, Wacky Wednesday, and more!

Making Math Marvelous - Mrs. Barton - 3rd - 5th - Mondays - $40

Mathematical practice and games focusing on mastery and automaticity of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  We will use Mrs. Sarah Brown's math songs and other games to bring math to life.  Suggested for kids who don't really enjoy math; let's tackle the basics to make math fun!