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Grammar School 2023 SPRING Clubs

Board Games Club - Mrs. Shirey - 3rd through 5th - Tuesdays - $45

Join us after school on Tuesdays to have fun playing board and card games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Phase 10, Mancala,and other fun

games!  MAX 12 Students


Cheer Club - Mrs. Simons - 3rd through 5th - Mondays - $40

We will be learning an introduction to cheer, a few cheers we perform at games and a half time choreography piece. So bring your smile, I have the pom poms!  MAX 20 Students

Donuts and Devotions - Mrs. Lombardi - 4th - 5th - Thursday mornings (7:45-8:30am) - $52

Would you like to start your day with devotions and a sweet breakfast treat? Join Mrs. Lombardi on Thursday mornings before school as we pray, read, and journal through Psalm 119. We will use Bible Journal for Kids: Digging into God's Word: Psalm 119, written by Heather Coppinger. We will also learn more about Bible journaling, and enjoying a new sweet breakfast treat each week.  MAX 10 Girls

Games of Yesterday 
- Mrs. Reigner - 3rd - 5th - Fridays - $50

Have you ever heard of the games of jacks, marbles, Chinese jump rope? These are just some of the games we used to play when we were just kids. They are lots of fun!  So come join us as we explore and play some of these forgotten games. We will end our sessions by making and flying your own kite to keep.  MAX 12 Students

Poetry Club - Mrs. Fartro - 2nd through 5th - Wednesdays - $40

Bet you never thought poems would be this much fun! Join us for a variety of activities that relate to poetry. We will listen to, read,

share, and create fun projects.  MAX 10 Students


Rubik's Cube Club - Mrs. Hackett - 4th - 5th - Thursdays - $55

Calling all Rubik’s Cube fans! Join the Rubik's cube club to learn the steps and algorithms to solve the 3x3. If you already know how to solve it, you will learn ways to improve your speed on the 3x3, 2x2 and pyraminx. All club members will

receive their own speed cube.  MAX 8 Students

Springtime Book Club
 - Mrs. Jane Niehls - Kind - 2nd - Thursdays - $40

We will jump into Spring by reading stories and books about spring time, plants, animals, gardening, and bugs. We will also do games or crafts related to the books.  MAX 12 Students

Tap Club - Mrs. Newell - Kind. - 2nd - Wednesdays - $55

Dancers will explore the introductory steps to tap dance, focusing on timing, musicality, and rhythm. Class will begin with a warm up and progress to traveling steps and center combinations. Students will also learn 2-3 routines to be performed at a small recital.  MAX 12 Students

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