Grammar School 2022 SPRING Clubs


Beginning the week of March 14th, running through the week of April 25th


Sports Club - Mrs. Rivera - 3rd through 5th - Mondays - $35

Enjoy a mix of different sports with students from other classes and grades!

Tap Dance Club - Barbara Newell - 3rd through 5th - Fridays - $45

Tap dancers have the unique opportunity to be musicians and dancers at the same time. Tap club will begin with a set warm up activities and transition to basic technique, and combining steps to culminate in a mini recital piece performed for an audience. Students need to provide their own tap shoes, and should bring clothing they can move and stretch in.


Korean Club - Min Sue Kim - Kindergarten through 2nd - Fridays - $45

Learn an easy Korean alphabet and words, make simple foods, learn traditional rhythms (Jangdan) and sing a Korean folk song!


Latin Foods & Culture Club - Sylvia Collazo - 3rd through 5th -Tuesday - $50 + restaurant trip

We will learn about different Latin foods and culture. We will try some foods, make some, keep some recipes, and even visit a local Mexican restaurant. Here are some of the highlights: Taco Tuesday, Puerto Rican cuisine, Salsa Competition, Cuban Sandwiches, "Postres" (Desserts) Day, Restaurant Day


Princess Book Club - Jane Niehls - Kindergarten - Tuesdays - $55

If you like to read about princesses and interesting girls the Princess Book Club is the place for you. We will read some great stories, make some crafts or play a game each week. Come join the club!

Simple Graces and Beautiful Spaces - Jill Barton - 3rd through 5th girls - Wednesdays - $45

We will focus on the simplicity of multiple daily tasks which serve to bless us in our daily spaces. Let's spend time together enjoying one another's company as we read fairy stories and poems from long ago, and learn the niceties of being a hostess, making French toast, pouring tea, sewing a button, darning a sock, setting a table, arranging flowers, craft cards and address envelopes, begin a calligraphy study, and potting some plants. Bring your own apron, hopefully with pockets, to wear each session while we learn how to enjoy these simple graces!


Rubik's Cube Club - Susan Hackett - 4th through 5th - Tuesdays - $55

Experienced and inexperienced speed cubers alike can work together to learn algorithms and have fun improving the speed of their solves. Each participant will receive a new 3X3 speed cube.


Book and Story Club - Dawn Reigner - 1st - 2nd - Thursdays - $50

Do you enjoy stories and crafts? Each week we will read a story and make a craft to go with it. Come and join the fun! Students may bring an after school snack to have during club time


Board Game Club - Amy Harnish - Kindergarten through 2nd - Wednesdays - $50

Come have fun playing large and small group games with your friends! You may just find your new favorite game and a new friend!