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Grammar School 2023 WINTER Clubs


Beginning the week of January 23 - March 6


Drawing Backyard Birds - Mrs. Fartro - 2nd through 5th - Tuesdays - $40

This class will use a variety of mediums for drawing and coloring our fantastic feathered friends. Imitate a famous painter as you paint birds with watercolors, learn to draw birds along with a famous artist, color birds with colored pencils, and more!  We will learn a few facts about  each bird that we draw and have lots of fun together.  MAX 10 students

Charcuterie 101 - Mrs. Wilson - 4th through 5th - Thursdays - $55

This winter join a club that will teach you how to make fun and picture worthy snacks for entertaining your family and friends! Mrs. Wilson has over 30 years of experience in the catering/food service world. Spend Thursday afternoons learning to make a variety of fun charcuterie boards. Learn about the traditional board, breakfast boards, holiday boards and so much more.  MAX 10 students

Diamond Painting
- Mrs. Dove - 2nd through 3rd - Wednesdays - $50

Diamond painting is a fun and easy way to make a picture with small resin crystals, not REAL diamonds!  The craft is most similar to a 'color-by-number' project. It makes simple pictures sparkly and shiny.  This is a craft that is fun for girls and boys. The finished products may be kept and enjoyed, but they also make great gifts! Second and third graders will be making a picture, key chain, and possibly a sticker or two!  MAX 12 students


Broadway Jazz - Mrs. Newell - 3rd through 5th - Wednesdays - $55

Broadway Jazz is a unique blend of ballet, modern, and jazz and is distinguished by its emphasis on exaggerated movements, high energy, and story-telling. It is almost always performed by a troupe of dancers, with few solos. Club members will learn to express themselves and tell the story through this form of Jazz dance. Emphasis will be placed on dancing to the beat, working as a team, and bringing the story to life.  MAX 12 students

Hnevatafl (Nev-a-taf-el) A Viking Game - Mrs. Fartro - 4th through 5th - Mondays - $40

Play the strategy game that Vikings played. Challenge yourself with this fun and ancient board game which predates chess by 1000 years.  No
previous experience is necessary.  Learn how to play, develop your own strategies, and then sharpen your skills by learning from the others.  MAX 10 students

Let's Move
- Mrs. Roque - Kind. through 2nd - Mondays & Wednesdays - $40

Join us for books with action, fun dance songs, games, and more! We'll be reading action books like Shake my Sillies Out, Going on a Bear Hunt, Clap Your Hands, and others! Dances include Hokey Pokey, Animal Freeze dance, Tooty Ta, etc. Motion games like Simon says, All the Leader, Mother May I? Snack will be included.  Monday - Section A; Wednesday- Section B  MAX 15 students per section

Korean Culture Club 
- Dr. Kim - 4th through 5th - Thursdays - $40

Learning Korean alphabet, learning simple Korean words and expressions, folk songs, Korean traditional games, and making Korean Foods (Kimbab, and taste Kimchi, fusion rice cake pasta, dalgona)  MAX 10 students

Board Games - Mrs. Shirey - 3rd through 5th - Tuesdays - $45

Join us after school on Tuesdays to have fun playing board and card games like Catan, Ticket to Ride, Phase 10, Mancala, and other fun games!  MAX 12 students

Morning Tea & Other Inspirational Thoughts - Mrs. Collazo - 5th Grade Girls - Thursday Mornings (7:45a - 8:30a) - $40

Warming up to the day can sometimes be challenging during winter months. So we will enjoy a cup of tea with a morning treat, while we read and discuss inspirational quotes of olden days and current ones.  MAX 8 students

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