2020 Grammar School SPRING Clubs


Beginning the week of March 16th, running through the week of April 27th


Sports Club - Susan Pritt- 2nd- 5th grade-Mondays 3:30-4:30- $35


Welcome to the wonderful world of sports! Sports teach more than how to play the game, students learn perseverance, patience, sportsmanship, determination all while having fun.  We will play and learn about a different sport each week including soccer, lacrosse, track, nine square in the air, and more! Students need to bring a water bottle, snacks, sneakers, and athletic clothing. 



Valderi Club- Happy Outdoor Wandering!- Jill Barton- 2nd- 5th grade- Tuesdays- 3:30- 4:30-  $50


Valderi means "happy wandering!" This club will be led by Mrs. Barton and we will be outdoors in order to consider the "wonders" of God's creation as we "wander" about to explore, journal, draw,  and create projects and observe in the marsh, woods, and grassy areas on campus and learn botany, biology, birding, hiking traits and skills. Please bring a blank journal and mucking about boots as we may get messy!  You'll be surprised at the wildlife and animal evidences and sightings right here on our campus! Join us to learn the "happy wondering" song that is the title of this club! 


Puzzle Club- Natalie Hallman- K- 2nd grade- Wednesdays- 3:15- 4:30 -$40


Puzzle Club is a relaxed, developmentally-appropriate introduction to puzzles. Puzzles teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills, build frustration tolerance, and are Fun! We will be solving riddles, logic mazes, and brain teasers as well as word, mechanical, and shape puzzles! Your child will have fun creating, building and solving in Puzzle Club!


Latch Hook Club- Dawn Reigner -2nd- 5th grade- Wednesdays- 3:15- 4:30- $50


Have you ever done latch hooking?  I can teach you how! We will use yarn, a latch hook, and a pattern to make a beautiful design or picture.  Then we will make a pillow out of it. We will be creative and have fun! See you then! (Bring your own snack if you want one after school)


Bible Journaling Club- Lucy DeJesus- 3rd- 5th grade- Thursdays- 3:15-4:30- $55


We will use a "Reflect and Illustrate" method of responding to Bible scriptures.  Each club member will have their own "sketch and illustrate" notebook and use paints, markers, pencils, stamps, and stickers to draw his or her expression and understanding of the literature read. It will allow for some discussions and freedom of artistic expression, all  while studying God's word.

Want to learn more about Bible Journaling? Watch this video or read this blog post!

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