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Fall 2023 Club Descriptions

Trucks and Machines Book Club! ($45)

Trucks, buses, planes, diggers, and dirt movers! Join us each week to read books about vehicles and machines and do activities to go with them!

Tuesdays with Mrs. Jane Niehls; Grades K-2 


Around the World with Ms. Kelly! ($55)

Japan, England, Greece, Italy, Mexico, and Thailand! We will learn a bit about a country each week and make some food specific to that area. The kids will all have a passport book they will get stamped each week.

Wednesdays with Mrs. Conicelli; Grades K-2 


Seuss is on the Loose! ($55)

Join us each week as we read a different Dr. Seuss book! Along with reading the book, we will also enjoy creating a snack that we can eat, as well as make art, science, math and /or literary connections! It is sure to be a "Seussical" good time!

Tuesdays with Mrs. Hartley; Grades K-2 


Board Games! ($50)

Let's spend time together having fun and learning skills like teamwork, cooperation, how to win and lose gracefully, and how to communicate better while playing games. We’ll play games such as Sorry!, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Connect 4, Uno, and other fun games!!

Thursdays with Mrs. Shirey; Grades K-2 

Sports Club! ($40)

Each week we will be learning a new sport. We will practice drills associated with each sport. At the end of the hour we will scrimmage/ play the game we have been practicing that day.

Tuesdays with Miss Hallman; Grades 3-5  


Math Games! ($45)

Do you like math? Do you like games? If you do, come join us Wednesday after school! We will play some well known math games like Math Bingo, and learn some new games, too.

Wednesdays with Mrs. Lombardi, Grades 4-5 


Games Galore! ($40)

Each week will learn about new games.  There are so many types of games to learn about from card games to board games and word games to strategy will be “Games Galore”!

Wednesdays with Mrs. Grubbs; Grades 3-5 


International Awareness and Appreciation! ($55)

From Japan to Syria! Ethiopia to Jamaica! The world is full of so many vibrant, beautiful, and distinctive people from a wide array of different backgrounds, countries, and cultures. Join us as we take a position of curiosity and eager expectation to learn about a few of these countries- their food, their music, their games and daily activities, their traditions, and how God loves and has blessed them!

Thursdays with Ms. Penrose, Grades 3-5 

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