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Grammar School Curriculum

Our program is designed to promote spiritual growth, academic excellence, and positive social and emotional development.

  • Daily Bible lessons

  • High academic standards

  • Chapel programs each week

  • Emphasis on developing Christian character

  • Daily recitation period

Core Curriculum

Bible, Grammar, History, Mathematics, Phonics grades K-2, Reading & Literature, Science, Writing

Enrichment Program

Art, Keyboarding, Latin (grades 3-5), Library, Music & Music Theory, Physical Education

Electives & Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Expansive Club Offerings: Robotics, Baking, Origami, Chess, Growing in a Greenhouse, Sports, Pond & Creek, and more!

  • Chorus & Band

  • Private Instrumental Lessons

  • Performing Arts & Musical Productions

  • Etiquette Instruction

  • Academic Focus Days



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What is Recitation?

The Grammar School gathers in the chapel for 10 minutes at the start of each day to memorize and recite poems, wise sayings, historical monologues, songs, hymns, and more. We memorize a variety of works each week and month until the material is mastered and can be recalled at the prompting of the leader.


The material covered in recitation also serves to support and complement what is learned and memorized in the classroom. Recitation is a rich and living experience that we are privileged to lead!

Click Here to view examples of the recitation material we use. In addition to classic and historic material, we are pleased to use some newer works, specifically questions from the New City Catechism which have been set to original music by one of our staff members, Sarah Brown, who is a recording artist and composer. 

Why Do we Do Recitation?

Recitation is a strategic component of a Classical Christian education. Specifically, two objectives are being accomplished. First, we are training the brain to memorize and retain information. The second objective is to impart a body of quality, truth-filled content which we believe should be a part of every child’s education. Grammar School students are the best age to memorize and recall information that will be built upon in the Logic and Rhetoric school years. 

What are Recitation Virtuosos?

Our Recitation Virtuosos are a smaller group of students in our Grammar School who enjoy a challenge and are uniquely gifted in memorizing. Students are given the opportunity to be tested on recitation material and receive awards. 

*Current Parents:

View our current Recitation material here

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