Events at CCS!


Coventry Christian Schools hosts a number of events each year for our school and the Tri-County community around Pottstown.  The largest of our events is our Annual Founders Dinner.  This annual dinner has been one of the largest events in the Pottstown area each of the past few years.  See below for information on our dinners.

Tech Savvy Parenting

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017


CCS Chapel

Come and learn about how to be a better parent in our tech savvy world!

2016 Founders Dinner


How the Bible served as Source Code for Western Civilization

with Mr. Dennis Prager

October 15, 2016

at The Historic Sunnybrook Ballroom

2015 Founders Dinner



Defining the Limits of Evolution

with Dr. Stephen Meyer & Dr. Michael Behe

October 8, 2015

at The Historic Sunnybrook Ballroom

2014 Founders Dinner


FEARLESS: Raising a Bold Generation

with Mr. Eric Metaxas


October 11, 2014

at The Historic Sunnybrook Ballroom

Science & Faith Simulcast


with Eric Metaxas, Dr. Stephen Meyer, and Dr. John Lennox


at The CCS Chapel

September 21, 2014

2013 Founders Dinner


Faith of our Fathers

with Dr. Benjamin Carson


October 13, 2013

at The Historic Sunnybrook Ballroom

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