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CCS Field Trips

One of the benefits of a small school setting, and one of our goals as a classical Christian school is to help our students learn both in and out of the traditional classroom setting.  Below is a listing of typical trips taken by our students, along with their estimated cost and the month of the trip.  If you have any questions please contact your academic dean or program director.  Thank you!

Ms. Mazzie and Ms. Erika's Pre-k Classes ($5)

Wilcox Farm

Friday October 29th - 9am to 12pm

Kindergarten ($31)

Bauman's Apple Factory and Frecon's Orchard October $11

Milky Way Farm and Mill May $20


First Grade ($40)

John James Audubon Center $15

Reading Museum and Arboretum $15

Daniel Boone Homestead April $10


Second Grade ($50)

Longwood Gardens October $15

Reading Public Museum/Arboretum/Planetarium $20

University of Penn Museum/John James Audubon Center Visit $15

Third Grade ($62)

Glencairn October $12

Tabernacle Reproduction March $30

Crystal Cave May $20


Fourth Grade ($53)

Renaissance Fair, Fall $18

Adventure Aquarium, Spring $15

Steel River Playhouse, Spring, $15  

Warwick Park $5

Fifth Grade ($102)

Valley Forge October $5

Sight and Sound, November $34 for students, $61 adults (Queen Esther show goes with Bible curriculum)

DaVinci Science Center, March $15

Philadelphia Walking Tour & Constitution Center, May $48

For All K-5 Students (costs are included in above totals)

History Day $10

Year-End Celebration $12

6th Grade     ($307)

Science Field Trip, TBD 

John James Audubon Center $15

Welkenweir Nature Center - April - $10

Gettysburg, May $175


7th Grade     ($175)

Philadelphia Art Museum, May $15

Blackrock Camp, May $140

Penn Museum, Oct/Nov $20

Bookstore Crawl (to learn about how to write a critique)--March--$20


8th Grade     ($582)

Washington D.C., May (5 days) $375

Ephrata Cloister $10

9th Grade     ($517)

Valley Forge & Washington's Crossing, October $10

Alebrije / Spanish Restaurant Trip, April $30

Trip to see a Spanish Culture Presentation cost TBD

Williamsburg, VA Trip, May $375

10th Grade     ($364)

PA State House in Harrisburg $10

Alebrije / Spanish Restaurant Trip, April $30

Trip to see a Spanish Culture Presentation cost TBD

Reading Phillies, May $25

Backpacking Trip, May $200

Penn Museum $20

11th Grade     ($507)

ASP Mission Trip, May $375


12th Grade     ($562)

ASP Mission Trip, May $375

Capstone Trip $3000 (optional)

Trips That All 6th - 12th grade students participate In

(costs are included in above totals)


House Games (Spring) & Academic Olympics(Fall/Spring) $30

Secondary Retreat, September $75

Celebration Day $12

There are also class specific field trips that are not included in the totals or lists above such as:


- Mutter Museum (A&P)- $15 (April)

- Physics/Trig to Six Flags $40

- ACSI Fine Arts Festival (Spring) $10

- Mock Trial to Courthouse

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