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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Putting Down Roots

Our Grammar School provides a strong foundation to anchor our students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and growing beyond our walls.


As part of a Classical Christian education, our Grammar School highlights the joyful acquisition of facts and details. Our core curriculum builds a strong foundation, and our enrichment classes, electives and extracurriculars help to create well-rounded students. 


By the end of Grammar School, students will be prepared for the inquisitive years of Logic School (6th-9th grade) and the expressive years of Rhetoric School (9th-12th grade). 

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We teach the foundational elements of the Classical method.

Plus enrichment, electives and clubs!


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Recitation is a key part of our Grammar School Experience.


We memorize songs, poems, and wise sayings to train our brains. 

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Field Trips

Our students experience learning outside of the classroom through field trips.

We enjoy the Da Vinci Science Center, the Philadelphia Zoo, Sight & Sound Theaters and many more!

Learning Support

CCS has the professional resources and personnel to utilize effective educational therapies, program modifications, and learning support programs so that students with learning differences can develop strong roots as well.

Meet the Dean

Get to know our Grammar School Dean, Mrs. Jill Barton. Read her bio coming soon!

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