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2022-2023 High School Advanced Honors Course Selection

Coventry Christian Schools is segmenting our high school courses into the categories outlined below.  For students in grades 9 and 10, parents need to complete the form to indicate your preference for enrolling in an advanced honors course.  Please complete the form on or before Friday, September 3rd.

Standard Courses

These are courses which all students are able to enroll in.

Honors Courses

These courses are similar in rigor to honors/college preparatory courses.  There is no pre-requisite for CCS students to enroll.

Advanced Honors Courses

These courses are equal or more rigorous to honors/college preparatory courses.  In order to enroll, CCS students must meet one of the following criteria:

1.  Have earned a 80% or better in the prior year's honors/advanced honors course.  

2.  Have earned a 90% or better in the prior year's standard course.

3.  Take a cumulative entrance exam and earn a minimum of 85% to demonstrate the necessary proficiency to enter the course.


For example, for students entering Algebra 2 they must have earned an 80% or better in their 9th grade Honors Geometry, OR have earned a 90% or better in the 9th grade Standard Geometry, OR take a cumulative Geometry test and score at least an 85%.

Courses will be weighted as follows:

For the 2022 - 2023 School Year, CCS is offering the following Advanced Honors Courses:

9th Grade

Adv. Hnrs Biology

Adv. Hnrs Geometry

10th Grade

Adv. Hnrs Chemistry

Adv. Hnrs Algebra 2

All 9th & 10th grade parents should complete the form below to indicate their choices for their children.  This form should be submitted on or before Friday, September 2nd.  Families who do not complete the course selection form will be assigned to the course which CCS administration feels is most appropriate.

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