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Our Philosophy


A Classical Christian Curriculum

At CCs, we believe that the integrity of the curriculum must complement the integrity of the teacher. Jesus Christ is the unifying core of our cohesive, integrated curriculum. “Christ is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Col. 1:17) Knowledge must be coherent, or students become frustrated, confused, or even worse, fragmented in their knowledge. The curriculum must reflect the cognitive development stages of young people. 


For students in preschool through sixth grade, a grammar school model emphasizing reading, writing, and mathematics is utilized.  For students in grades seven through nine, a logic school emphasizing systematic study and application of logic supplants the grammar school content and methodology as each discipline comes to life in deeper and more expansive ways.  In grades ten through twelve, rhetorical skills are developed to equip students to become integral and influential members of the greater learning community and society.  Teaching methodology, processing activities, learning objectives, and assessment instruments must be chosen and designed with these distinct stages and skill sets as guideposts. 



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