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1/10/23 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Barbara Roque, Christina Crawford, Lilian, Jennie Steffie, Priscilla and Louis Miro, Kim Jenkins, John Mark Niehls, Barbara Newell, Tara Stahlback, Laurie Shirey, Kristina Caban, Elizabeth Howe, Jill Barton, Brittany Hutt, Melody Hartman, Rachael Fisher, Wendy Moyer, a few unnamed attendees

Via Zoom: Marla Stevens, Birzavit Smith, Tyler Newell

Meeting opened with prayer by Kim Jenkins.

Leftover funds from Christmas blessing will be given directly to the school. Extra money from sports trip will be put back into the booster account.

Breakfast with Santa Recap

The event was well received and the committee was great. Net donations were ~$250, which didn’t impact the budget. Ideas have already been suggested for next year.

Five Below Event – Kristina Caban

Net profit hasn’t been determined yet.

Wrap Party Recap – Barbara Newell

A generous donor paid for entire event. She hopes to do something for grammar school as well.

Urban Air 100th Day of School Update – Elizabeth Howe

Online RSVP needs to be set up ASAP. Jumpers vs. non-jumpers need to be tracked for accurate headcount for capacity purposes. Chick-Fil-A is willing to donate $1 from every cookie and brownie purchased between 5:00 – 9:00 pm. Whole pizzas and four waters will be available for purchase for $22. Those details will need to be included in the registration. Elizabeth will confirm with Urban Air that the snack bar will be open. Kim suggested handing out waivers to car line that day and Barbara suggested sending the waiver home along with the flyer. The price will be raised to $10 per jumper this year.

Auction Update – Christina Crawford

April 22nd. Invitations are printed. Volunteers are needed to help stuff envelopes and label on January 19th. This event has already been run in the Eagle Express. Register early to get a lower number and therefore check out earlier. Parent letters went home on Monday. If someone has a talent and something to sell, feel free to donate it to the auction. Erin has been helping assemble baskets. Parent volunteers will need to be found for the houses. Centerpieces will be special and will be for sale.

5K Update

Fall of 2023. Date TBD, perhaps Veteran’s Day?

House Shirts for Parents

Waiting for logos.

Fall Fest Committee Chair Needed for 2023

Jennie suggested a help wanted ad in the Eagle Express.

Other Updates

Barbara mentioned that the bylaws don’t state specific responsibilities of booster chairs and suggested that they be explicitly stated, especially to help newcomers. Since bylaws can only be changed once per year, this should be considered for next year.

Laurie Shirey will be retiring as sports booster chair. A replacement has been chosen and will be voted on later by the PTO.

Pride and Prejudice needs volunteers. This event is scheduled for the first week of March. Needs to get covered and SignUp Genius will be sent sooner rather than later. Volunteers will get service hours. Esther will need a lot of help from PTO to get volunteers for help during the shows. That even is the week after the auction.

Lilian’s questions:

Scholarship funds are available in the budget. Will scholarships happen as suggested at a previous meeting? An email will circulate to board members and John Mark Niehls to figure out details. Joe Lohr needs to be reminded that the money is there and he can ask the PTO for funds as appropriate.

Funds for Teacher Appreciation will be addressed at a later meeting.

Action Items:

- Tyler to set up RSVP for Urban Air event. He’ll reach out to Elizabeth in next day or so to plan.

- Jennie Steffie will put Help Wanted ad in Eagle Express for a Fall Fest committee chair.

- Elizabeth will finalize details with Urban Air.

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