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1/12/21 PTO General Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Jenny Steffie, Dorine Achoki, Christina Crawford, Kim Jenkins, Jill Barton, Karlene Novotny, Chip Minto, Josh Oliver, Chris Blasko, Barb Newell, Susan Pritt, John Mark Niehls


  • Auction invitations are ordered (800)

  • 871 on the invite list (may need to order more)

  • Invitations mailed next week

  • Procurements are anticipated to be low

  • Will need baskets and class projects to make up the difference

  • Event will be at school in the event center

  • Childcare will be spread out throughout the building

  • Will probably need more help this year

  • New ideas

  • Silver spoon

  • Gym teacher for the day


  • Moved 5K to March 27th

  • Pretzel City Sports will do the timing and registration

  • Need 29 runners to break even

  • Profit of $21 a runner after 29 runner

  • Need to blanket promote the races ASAP

  • Eagle Express

  • Local bulletin boards

  • Running Stores

  • 5K race, 1 mile fun run, kids obstacle course

  • Looking for sponsors for the race (local and CCS businesses)

  • T-shirt prom

  • Need sponsors for shirts by first or second week of February

  • Using same company for t-shirts

  • Need final order 2 weeks prior to race

  • Banners

  • Goody bags

  • Consider talking to Tri-County Toyota (Bryan Kreiger)

  • Talk with Karlene Novotny about previous sponsor levels

  • Need some volunteers to plan, setup, run the kid’s obstacle course

  • $10 cost

  • Jenny Steffie will help plan (need other volunteers)

  • Need race day volunteers

  • Jenny will create sign-up

  • Need at least 20 race guides

  • Easter Egg Hunt coordinator and volunteers (4)

  • Easter games???

  • Tie in with the pancake breakfast - Katie Nelson, Kia Green, Cheryl Laffey

  • Send email addresses to Josh Oliver

  • Couch - to - 5k program

  • Add weekly reminders to Eagle Express

  • Group runs after school on Monday

100th Day of School

  • Urban Air - February 11th (need to change to February 18th)

  • Emphasize it is a closed event

  • No outside friends

  • Urban Air can host 375 people

  • Consider a sticker system

  • Red/Green

  • Will we get enough people?

  • Send out sign-up with a cut off of a week prior to the date

  • Complete paperwork online

  • Food

  • Tickets for food

  • Safe food handling (prepackaged)

  • Need a link for sign-up and payment online (Tyler)


  • Chris Blasko gave update

  • Christmas Wreath sale brought in about $1,700

  • Consider Easter and fall sales

  • Clothing sale brought in $1,300

  • Looking for spring clothing sale

  • February Parent/Teacher conferences

  • Holiday shop brought in $350

Sport Boosters

Performing Arts

  • Still working toward April filming date

  • Issues with students who are in quarantine, struggling to rehearse

  • Potential for professional film company to film the show

Future Meetings

  • In-person?

  • Virtual Option

  • Next Meeting February 9th

  • Location to be determined

Create a guide for each event to add to the PTO drive.

  • Include lists of contacts, timelines, activities

Communication needs:

  • Get email list and Slack to reflect the committee level positions

  • Clean up PTO email list

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