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1/21/20 Meeting Minutes

1/21/20 Executive Board Meeting

Attendees: Christina Crawford, Mark Niehls, Barbara Newell, Tyler Newell, Chris Blasko, Jill Barton, Elizabeth Howe, Kim Jenkins


  • Still on schedule

  • Invitations delivered today, working with John Mark to get addresses printed off. Should be going out next week and tickets going on sale next week

  • Food secured (buffet style) from Cutilos, working to get Desserts donated

  • Confirmed Venue at the Carousel

  • Still need people to help with procurement (Sending home ideas sheet with the students (looking for special skills) or approach one business to procure items)

  • Looking to organize a volunteer meeting for next week

  • Limit ticket sales to 180

Urban Air - 100th day of School

  • Date: Thurs 2/13 from 6pm-8pm

  • Tyler to set up a website for registration and payment

  • Include on the website that there is no makeup day

  • $6 per person + $1 per slice of pizza

  • Elizabeth to follow up on getting the remaining balance paid on the day of the event instead of by the end of January

  • Elizabeth to provide a waiver that will be posted on the website

Penguin Patch

  • Do we want to resign with them? Do we want to do something different?

  • Looking to get a 2nd person to help so everything is not on Kim (setting aside an entire week)

  • We think a fewer variety of items might be better

  • Possibly look at teaming up with Five Below or Dollar Tree to have volunteers help the kids shop and do it on a single night (fundraising)

  • Kim J. is going to look into Five Below fundraisers as a possible option for next year

  • Union Soccer Game (Philadelphia)

  • Possible fundraiser that Kim J. is looking to put out to the school

  • Kim J. to check with Sports Boosters to make sure that is not overlapping with other sports events

Email addresses

  • add forwarding to Elizabeth and Tyler

  • Work with

  • Believe we are good with the distribution list

  • Use a new email when changing the subject

  • Tyler to create a new pto executive email address


IEW funds remainnig

  • Work with Jill to put requests in

  • Jill is going to review costs to see if additional reimbursements to the school may be needed

Voting and Bylaws

  • Tyler to revise based on active attendees

Performing Arts Boosters

  • Barbara will draft an email to re-allocate underruns for mics and new spotlight

Small Fundraisers

  • Signed up for Giant and starting to receive money

  • Spirit Wear - Cheryl just got her first check of $433

Jenny to send out the doodle for next meeting

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