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10/12/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Date: October 12, 2022 @630pm

Location: Dining Hall

Attendance: Jenny Steffie, Kris Hendricks, Laurie Shirey, Christina Crawford, Kevin Roussey, Kristina Caban, Tyler Newell, Lillan Graham, Jesse Hoagey, Tara Stahlback, Rachael Fisher, Wendy Moyer, Kim Jenkins, Julie Troppello. Zoom attendance: Bea Smith, Barbara Newell, Chip Minto

-Welcome and Prayer by Kim

-Sports booster budget (see sheet) was presented by Chip and Laurie. Jenny made a motion to approve sports booster budget, Kim seconded the motion, all in favor, none opposed.

-Discussion on roles of communication of events and announcements. Jenny will prepare info and forward to Missy to post on the Eagle Express. Christina will do the same for Facebook pages. Goal to post announcements and meetings earlier and more often and reminder that they are open to everyone. Also offer Zoom links to those posts along with emailing it to PTO members and volunteer list. (Tyler will facilitate zoom link setup and secretaries will assist to email)

-Treasurers informed that QB software was purchased, will update sports booster budget, now that it is approved, and process for reimbursements for Rachael and the Santa Pancake Breakfast.

-Fall Fest was a success and was under budget. There was enough food, and vendors were satisfied with the turnout. Issues with the girls bathroom being a mess. Primarily due to sporting events and large crowds using only gym bathrooms. Doors were not to be opened into the school so not able to use school bathrooms. Suggestion to use classrooms for “locker rooms” for storage of sport bags etc. Also having janitorial staff on standby to check bathrooms and keep clean and stock supplies. Even with instruction not to let people in school, kids made their way in and running around classrooms- suggested a security presence. More trash cans needed for after the event clean up. Final suggestion to create a survey through Google Form to send school wide to get feedback and how to make next year better.

*** Jenny is stepping down as coordinator of the Fall Fest. Looking for a new coordinator and co-coordinator! *** Jenny will help with various items if needed. Food vendors do need to be established before Jan. 2023. Start of 2023 and through Ice Cream Social will start advertising the opening position.

-Flower sale was a success (see sheet for profit.) Had extra plants to purchase on my day off. Grandparents day attendees purchased a lot of them during the morning. Suggestion to have and advertise two pick up times that day.

-Breakfast with Santa coordinator Rachel announcing there will be 2 seating times. 9am and 11am. Registration to start in November and shut down 2 weeks prior to the event date to help with food amount needs. Digital photo taken for $5 by yearbook staff for split fundraiser with PTO ($4/$1). Encourage attendees to bring cash. Square will not be available. At the door donations are appreciated and recommended. Meeting for volunteers followed this PTO meeting.

-5 Below Shop coordinator Kristina working on a flyer with set dates of Dec 2-9 for Pottstown location. Still open to adding another week, even at a different location, possibly Collegeville. Recommended to see how this year goes and reevaluate for the future. No news on gift wrapping. Suggestion to having specific wrapping days at school, also having someone from Admin to greet at the door at the event and even at the wrapping night. Festive wear or santa hat encouraged!

-Auction update by Christina and Wendy that a theme has been decided. “Life is Sweeter at CCS!” Plans to revamp donation letter. Invites are being worked on and will not send out save the dates. Catering meeting is end of Oct. to work on menu. Plan for the dining hall to hold auction items and the gym for guests seating. Goal is 350 attendees!

-Urban Air 100th Day coordinator Elizabeth will give the final update at the Jan meeting. Two options for food. First is a Chick fil a fundraiser and second to purchase a whole pizza with water at Urban Air. Chick fil a is not allowed inside Urban Air. $10 per person cost for jumpers.

-5K has no updates, date unknown. Suggestion that PTO defines what makes it successful to continue. Does not have to be a PTO event. Possibly turn it into a science dept fundraiser, etc.

-Townhall Meeting hosted by John Mark Niehls on Tuesday, Nov 1 at 630pm. Suggestion that it should be held in the chapel due to having a conducive environment for this type of event. Another suggestion is to have a zoom link.

-Next PTO meeting Jan 10, 2023!

Meeting adjourned

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