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10/29/19 Town Hall Meeting Minutes

10/29/19 Town Hall Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Kim Jenkins, Christina Crawford, Tyler Newell, Barb Newell, Chris Blasko, Jenny Steffie, Cheryl Laffey, John Niehls, Jill Barton

Introduction: Tyler Newell

Fall Theater update: Barb Newell

  • Performances November 22nd and 23rd

  • Need volunteers for the play (tickets, concessions)

  • Sign-ups on the Performing Arts webpage

Online/Website update: Elizabeth Howe & Tyler Newell

  • Overview of website

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Budget available online

  • Expenditure Requests

Change for 100th day of school - Urban Air not Skyzone

Giant Rewards - please sign up with your rewards card

2 Hour Power Pledge - please sign-up

Secret Santa (December)

  • Need daytime help

Square One Art - Chris Blasko

  • Kindergarten-5th grade

  • Order forms coming soon

Auction: Christina Crawford

  • Our largest fundraiser ($10-40,000)

  • April 4th, 2020 and the Carousel in Pottstown

  • Save the Date before Christmas

PTO Town Hall Questions: John Niehls

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