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10/7/20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

10/7/2020 Executive Committee Meeting

Present: Chip Minto, Jenny Steffie, Karlene Novotny, Christina Crawford, Tyler Newell, Elizabeth Howe, Chris Blasko, Barb Newell, John Niehls

Last meeting we had lots of interest in helping with activities, auction, and co-chair positions.

Chip Minto volunteered for the Sports Boosters co-chair position.

  • Tyler is creating an updated document of who is filling these positions.

  • Discussed whether new volunteers need to be co-chairs or just committee members

  • How are we communicating with the new volunteers?

  • Chris B. will coordinate with Uniform sales volunteers and new treasurer co-chair

  • Chip M. will coordinate with Pancake breakfast volunteers

Discussion of PTO Facebook page

  • New page will be set up under the CCS account

  • We will have administrative privileges

Attendance requirement for Executive Board members

  • Discussed potential change to by-laws to require attendance for voting rights.

  • 50% attendance minimum over a 6 month period was proposed.

Future meetings

  • Discussion of virtual options for general meetings

  • We could have the executive level in person and others online

  • All virtual

  • Will we be able to meet in the building?

  • How can we do virtual general meetings where everyone can see and hear?

  • Potential use of classroom with camera

Vote of executive board to fill current positions: (roles listed on document created by Tyler N.)

  • All present in favor

  • None opposed


  • $200 approved by Tyler and Elizabeth for 2nd kindergarten for toys

  • Not yet added into the budget document.

  • Should come from Covid uncertainty fund

  • Giant Bonuscard fundraiser no longer available

  • Raised $1,200 last year

  • Discussed Redners Save-a-tape program as a possible replacement for Giant fundraiser.

  • School and individuals need to register

  • Collect Redner’s receipts, receive 1% back

  • Would need a dedicated volunteer to complete monthly paperwork.

Fall Fest

  • Will need change for 2 cash boxes for Performing Arts and Sports Boosters

  • Still need some volunteers

SLACK communication tool

  • Meant to ease communication

  • Tyler N. has set this up

  • Free for our organization since we have few members

  • Purpose of the platform is to simplify and clarify communication

  • Sorts communication into channels

  • If you mention people or channel, they will receive a notification email.

  • Discussion of how the communication is organized.

  • Tyler will invite members via email

  • Follow instructions to log-in

  • Can use it through a web browser or an app

November Meeting

  • Send Doodle Poll via SLACK (Jenny)

  • Need to make an effort to advertise the meeting and upcoming events further in advance to encourage attendance.

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