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11/12/19 Meeting Minutes

PTO Executive Committee 11/12/19

Present: Tyler Newell, Chris Blasko, Jenny Steffie, Christina Crawford, Barb Newell, John Mark Niehls

Secret Santa

  • December 3rd -5th 12:00 - 3:00 pm

  • Volunteer sign-up (who should create this?)

Kids Stuff Books Fundraiser

  • Traditionally done every 2 years (last sale was fall of 2018)

  • Last sales coupon books are good until December 2019

  • Some of us are uncomfortable with the “pushy” promotion of the book.

  • Last time we sent home with pre-K to 5th

  • Consider this fundraiser for September of 2020


Discussion about food truck for Fall Fest

  • School paid for truck

  • PTO will give a check

Paypal issue

  • All activities must go through one Paypal account because of the non-profit status

Income from 5K

  • Income is for PTO general fund not scholarship

  • Need to plan the 5K much further in advance

  • Include Ashley Bannon in the planning


  • Actual price will be much higher than planned for

  • Close to $5000

  • Ordering 20% more

Performing Arts

  • Discussion about admission costs

  • Decided on $5 for kids, $10 for adults

PTO Email addresses should be used for parents to communicate with chair/co-chair

  • Need to change who is on this email for internal communication

  • Set-up to include all of the current committee members used for Auction donations/vendor communication

  • Set up by Christina Crawford forwarded to Chris Blasko

  • Need to add Julie Sawyer


Still trying to work out catering

Venue set, Pottstown Carousel

PTO kick off meeting will be in late November/early December

  • Organizing

Save the dates in early December

Invitations go out in January

Concerns expressed about having enough space and enough parking

  • Have been assured that items can be rearranged to make enough space

  • Capping tickets at 200

  • Extra parking at Memorial Park (Carousel vendor will check to see if we need a permit)

  • Consider getting volunteers

Performance Arts

Glass ornaments

  • Online and paper ordering options

  • Link Paypal for online purchase

Hair Bows

  • Cost to us is $3.50 each, we would sell for $8

  • Consider waiting until spring or alternating with ornaments

Ticket sales for fall show go live soon

  • Will sell concessions and flowers

Sports Boosters

  • Will need massive support for championship tournaments

100th Day of School

  • Discussed change from Skyzone to Urban Air

Fall Fest 2020

  • Date October 9th, 2020

Other Discussion:

Turn around time for posting sign ups, please give more lead time for Tyler to post

Parent concern about toddler room without bathroom

  • Discussed with John Niehls

Teacher Stipends discussion

  • Should we give stipends for areas like guidance?

  • Discussed that stipends were for classroom teachers for the purpose of buying items to benefit the classroom

  • Consider basing the budget on the actual number of teachers instead of on historical numbers

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