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11/2/20 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

11/2 Executive Meeting

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Jenny Steffie, Christina Crawford, Kim Jenkins, Barb Newell, Chip Minto, John Niehls

Discussion about a new gym floor

  • Want to begin a fundraising campaign for a new floor

  • Need $115,000 for a wood floor

  • We would like a wood floor, but it is more expensive on the front end

  • Wood floors last 50+ years

  • Wood floors will allow CCS to charge more for rentals.

  • Synthetic floor has a 20 year life expectancy

Asking for $30,000 for the gym floor as a commitment from PTO.

Discussed how soon money will be needed.

  • Looking for money within the next 1-2 years.

  • Fundraising campaign projected to end in March

  • Floor install projected to be completed over the summer

Consider putting the 5k profits entirely toward the gym floor.

Question about the $4,500+ currently allocated as “Covid-19 Uncertainties”

We did not have enough members present to be able to vote on fund reallocation.

Chip will send Elizabeth a summary of the donation request.

Elizabeth will send out the summary request and a date and time for a Q&A session and vote.

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