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11/2/20 General PTO Meeting Minutes

Present: Chip Minto, Elizabeth Howe, Christina Crawford, Kim Jenkins, Jill Barton, Tyler Newell

Dorine Achoki, Kristina Groetsch, John Niehls

Introductions and welcome

Budget: Dorine Achoki

  • Chris and Dorine have a meeting date at the bank to make Dorine a signatory.

  • Budget as presented

Food Truck for Fall Fest had at least $1,200 in sales.

Consider having Sports boosters sell more food at Fall Fest to increase fundraising.

Tana Connolly is in charge of the Christmas Shop.

  • Jenny S. needs dates and times to create volunteer sign-up (Jenny will email Tana)

  • December 1st-3rd (probable dates)

  • May need to reconsider location. John Niehls will coordinate with Mrs. Connolly on a location.


  • April 10th, 2021

  • Need to choose a venue (possible locations: CCS, Carousel, Brookside)

  • Will choose a location in the next few weeks and send out invitations

Clothing Sale

  • Organize inventory this weekend. (11/7)

  • Possible clothing sale during conferences.

  • Discussed ways to give more access to the closet (e-commerce, more frequent sales…)

Sports Boosters

  • Laurie Shirey is willing to help with the Sports boosters.

  • Chip Minto willing to be co-chair

  • Lori Reinschmidt wants to be co-chair

  • Laurie S. and Chip will discuss positions and roles after this meeting.

  • We will be allowed to sell concessions during basketball.

  • As of now, only pre-packaged items.

  • Online gear shop will be available next week with profits going to Sports Boosters.

Student Liaison

  • Discussion of what the position entails

  • Need someone on campus who can be in contact with the students and House leaders.

Performing Arts

  • Re-auditioned for many roles in the play Oklahoma

  • Rehearsals will begin in November

  • Play will be videotaped

  • Planning to shoot in the spring.

  • Hoping for a live premier in the spring.

  • Gives a new opportunity to for students to learn cinematography.

  • Still have bows to sell as a fundraiser.

  • Discussed selling bows at the holiday shop.

Potential Fundraiser

  • Looking into RxFundraising through RiteAid

  • Chris Blasko is looking into this

  • CCS 5k

  • Josh Oliver and Susan Pritt

  • March 27th (host along with pancake breakfast)

  • In-person 5k and 1 mile walk

  • Want to add games and other activities

  • Kid obstacle course

  • Easter Egg hunt

  • Face painting

  • Pricing out different timing companies

  • Need to coordinate with Auction committee so that we are not asking companies twice for donations

  • PTO Website

  • Need an updated PTO email list

  • Work with John Niehls/office to clean-up list


  • Discussed use

  • Still in transition phase

  • Need to get all board members signed on

We will send out a date for December meeting as soon as determined.

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