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12/21/21 PTO Executive Board Meeting Minutes

12/21/21 Executive Board Meeting

Present: Tyler Newell, Elizabeth Howe, Kim Jenkins, John Mark Niehls, Jenny Steffie, Christina Crawford, Lilian Graham, Wendy Moyer, Chris Blasko, Barbara Roque, Chip Minto, Barbara Newell, Laura Heebner,

Auction -

  • Invitations are ready to be ordered

  • Website is up and running

  • Save the date to Eagle Express

  • Procurement letter is completed and will begin in January

  • Letters sent to teachers about baskets

  • Caterer: Devour

  • Will give $3000 discount

  • Will also include linens, dishes, and servers in price

  • Vendor is coming to view the venue and solidify

  • Challenge for each PTO board members to bring 3 new people to auction

  • Incentives for alumni to come

  • Reaching out to Mr. Zimmer as auctioneer

  • Ask Art Gelwicks to be master of ceremonies

  • Goal to get 200+ people attending

Penguin Patch -

  • Raised $733.00

  • Discussed item quality and potential for a different vendor

  • Advantages of using Penguin Patch is that everything you need is there. They supply everything and collect everything at the end.

  • We choose the mark-up. We used a 20% mark-up


  • Flower sale - advertise that flower sales are coming in advance, use the Eagle Express

  • Reviewed comparisons for clothing sale, flower sale, sports boosters, homecoming t-shirts etc.

  • See 12.21.21 budget report

  • Discussion about having a secure location for PTO items (square, safe key, etc.)

  • Chip asked Jill about choir gowns in September. We have not had any reply.

  • Barb is working with Dr. Kim to choose gowns and tuxedos for high school choir.

  • Discussed including white shirts and black pants/skirts in the used uniform closet

  • Discussion of shipping delays from Square One Art

Performing Arts

  • Fall play, the Little Mermaid, was a success.

  • Winter play/murder mystery

  • Running as a club with high school students

  • Spring play will be a children’s version of the Odyssey

  • Looking to purchase 2 moving lights at approximately $1,000

100th Day of School at Urban Air

  • Deposit is paid

  • February 17th

  • All online registration should be set-up so that you must pay to reserve tickets

  • Will try to split it into multiple lines

  • Discussed how to reduce the line for signing in and waivers

  • Elizabeth will find out max capacity, we anticipate 250+ jumpers

Used Uniform Sale

  • Suggested date for next sale: February 18th

Sports Booster

  • Snack bar is open and needs staffing

New Additions to Website:

  • Send volunteer sign-ups to Tyler to add to the PTO website

Other items:

  • Next PTO meeting is January 11th.

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