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2/9/21 PTO Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Christina Crawford, Tyler Newell, Chip Minto, Jenny Steffie, Kristina Groetsch, Ann Fox, Laurie Shirey

Bylaws Discussion

● Want/need to change by-laws to have an attendance requirement (must attend at least 50% of meetings to remain on the board)

Urban Air

● 157 jumpers and 104 non-jumpers signed up

● A few people signed up twice. Elizabeth will reach out to families that double registered to get clarity on who signed.

● A few checks are in the PTO mailbox.

● $2,800 was budgeted and current cost is $2,300.

● Next year, push all payments online to avoid waiting on checks.

● Logistics

○ Masks are mandatory

○ Encourage waiver completion ahead of time

○ Lay out pizza tickets on a table for easy access

○ Bring boxes of extra masks and hand sanitizer


● 35 people registered so far

● Plans for decorating and food are coming along

○ Looking for 4 different vendors to come in and set up like a food festival

○ Encourage people to walk around and mingle

○ Drinks in the concession stand

● Still need help with procurement

● February contest - someone who buys in February will win a wingspan of 50/50 tickets

● Up front costs

○ Decorations, invitations, and stamps

○ Still looking for sponsors to cover the costs

● Will need donations of flowers, white Christmas lights, and tealights.

● Linen tablecloths (discussed buying vs. renting)

5K Update

● No update yet

● Need to encourage them to contact Cheryl

○ Jenny will contact to help with the flyer

● Need to get the volunteer sign-up ASAP


● Discussed how much has been paid toward the floor.

Clothing Sale

● February 19th

● Volunteer sign-up created and sent to Eagle Express

Sports Boosters:

● Limited income

○ No sports ticket sales

○ Limited snack bar

● Discussed moving all sports banquet/awards to the spring

● High school sports banquet - discussed keeping it a dinner

Performing Arts Boosters

● Looking to create a live stream of the video of the play

● Roles were recast

PTO Email list

● Jenny needs to meet with John or Priscilla to clean up the list.

● Discussed if we could/should email out to the entire school through RenWeb

● Could we create our own list to make emailing our volunteers easier?

● Discussed who can send out email on behalf of the PTO

● Tyler will give Jenny access to PTO gmail, so that emails can be sent on behalf of the



● Need to get everyone on board

● Will try to encourage that line of communication

○ More training is needed (preferably in person)

Next Meetings:

● Executive Board meetings on 2nd Tuesday of the month for the remainder of the year

○ March 9th at 7:30 (Zoom)

○ April 13th at 7:30 (Zoom)

○ May 11th (time and location to be determined)

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