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3/8/22 PTO Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Christina Crawford, Jenny Steffie, Tyler Newell, Barb Newell, Chris Blasko, Lillian Graham, Kim Jenkins, Chip Minto, Laurie Shirey (virtual)

5k/Pancake Breakfast: April 2nd

  • Sign-up was sent out

  • Lots of volunteers needed

  • 5k at 9:00 am, Obstacle course starts at 10 am

  • Need to touch base with Chris Blasko for reimbursement for medals

  • Katie Nelson will meet with Mr. Niehls to coordinate where to plug in grills

  • Looking for people with food service experience to assist with pancake breakfast


  • Up to bidder # 85

  • Currently putting together the booklet

  • Performing Arts, Sports Boosters, and PTO have pages to fill in the booklet

  • Sponsorship forms via request at

  • Still looking for sponsors

  • Need help with procurement

  • Looking for help from PTO with procurement from list

  • Renting tables for the auction

  • Will need checks for tables, photo booth, caterer…

  • Discussion of ideas of door prizes

  • Need adult volunteer to coordinate babysitting

Clothing Sale

  • Brought in $2,800 this year

  • Look for ideas for a spring sale date (perhaps with the 5K/Pancake breakfast)


  • Report from Chris Blasko

  • Discussion of moving to Quickbooks online

Urban Air

  • Best event yet

  • Very smooth entry

  • Double the previous number of jumpers

  • Need more volunteers

  • Consider increasing the cost per jumper

Sports Booster

  • Discussion of having one app or platform for all sports schedules

  • Ask Mr. Behnke to look into apps and pricing

  • Banquet May 17th at Hope Community Church

  • All high school athletes and coaches

  • No cost for athletes and coaches

  • Costs have increased from $12 to $21 per person

  • Funding girls lacrosse uniforms

  • No concessions in the spring

  • Discussed possible plan for future outdoor concessions

Performing Arts Boosters

  • Just completed Crimson House Murders

  • The Odyssey will be in April

  • Discussion of a dinner theatre for the winter performance next year

  • Consider having a 4th show to accommodate larger audiences

Flower Sale

  • Looking for more volunteers to help coordinate and run the flower sale

  • Discussion of having one sale run by sports boosters and one by performing arts (with profits from that sale going to that group)


  • Looking for someone to read through PTO emails and investigate fundraising opportunities

  • Consider moving the May 10th PTO meeting to May 19th (in consideration of a potential speaker)

Fall Fest

  • Consider selling color tickets for a set dollar amount to speed up the food

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