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3/9/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

3/9/21 PTO Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Present: E.Howe, C. Crawford, T. Newell, B. Newell, C. Blasko, C. Minto, K. Ridge, L. Shirey, L. Reinschmidt, J. Oliver, JM Niehls, B. Smith, AJ, B. Tsakonas


● Auction-Christina reported

  • 87 registered

  • Target 200, hopefully 150 will register.

  • Elizabeth asked how can we get more registered.

  • Christina will announce for people signed up before 3/15, a name will be drawn for a chance to get a lower bidder number.

  • Eagle Express

  • Still working on food.

  • Have photographer and DJ.

  • Receiving baskets. Teachers and parents are working on additional baskets and projects.

  • Have 7 or 8 sponsors for a total of $1,800.

  • Will send out an email later in March to have people sign up on Google Doc for babysitting.

  • Also, will set up a Sign Up Genius for volunteers for help leading up to the auction and day of auction.

  • Still need procurement.

● 5K-Josh reported. Event is the Friday morning of spring break.

  • Registration-50 registered (40 for the 5K, 10 for the 1 Mile)

  • Gena putting together a flyer for elementary with emphasis on obstacle course. Will add pancake breakfast to flyer.

  • Pretzel City Sports will send out email blast (reach 30K). Pretzel City has sent out a check, but Josh has not received it.

  • Township-will have fire and police at the 3.2 mile of the course. We will need to pay a cost of $150.

  • Sponsorship-Needs to know sponsors this week in order to have name on t-shirts. Josh has commitments/interest from (Urban Air-gold level, Karlene Navotny, Christine Gretsch). Josh asked for help reaching out to (Parma-B Tsakonas will reach out, Gordon Realty and Brooks Cafe-L Shirey will reach out), Josh will reach out to (Asian Chao, Salon 22, Toyota Dealership).

  • Volunteers-Josh needs volunteers. Christina said that J Steffie would be able to setup a Sign Up Genius for him. He will need at least 6-8 violunteers for the obstable course.

  • Shirt order being placed end of this week.

  • We are beyond break even and currently will make $500

  • Obstacle course is being put together by S Pritt and is for 10 year old and below

● Pancake Breakfast-Christina reported that Katie Nelson and Kia Greene will be doiong thje pancake breakfast.

  • John Mark will connect Katie and Kia with someone who has done the event before

  • John Mark asked Josh to keep Katie and Kim up to date on te registrations. If we get 100 runners and a lot of kids for the obstacle course and parents there to watch, we could easily have 250 people for the pancake breakfast.

  • J Steffie will need to set up a Sign Up Genius for food donations

● 100 Day of School at Urban Air-Elizabeth asked if there was any feedback or ideas for next year

  • Some thought the food line was long. Possibly more employees to provide the food

  • The line to get in, the cross referencing name and waiver took some time. Next year, possibly we could provide an alphabetical (last name) list broken into 3 groups and have one PTO parent for each of the 3 groups

  • Possibly we could have the signup process provide the sock size and the socs could be provided with the food/drink tickets

  • 215 jumpers

  • Used all of the budgeted $2,800 and brought in $1,652

●Online Clothing-Chris reported that online clothing most recently brought in $160 for a YTD total of $1,500. Chris reported that Kelly and Darleen were thinking of offering an online option.

● Budget-Chris reported on the budget

  • The current balance is $19,347 and after remaining budget items and the target balance of $5K, there is $8,900 balance.

  • Of the original $29,600, we can expect to pay out the following ($1K Teacher Apprec., $1K Summer Camp, $3K Boosters and Perf Arts and $1,500 remainder of Auction).

  • Since the last meeting, the 100th Day of School netted $2,858 loss, paid out $950 in teacher stipends, Auction has brought in $3100 and spent $655, Used clothing has brought in an additional $160 and Square 1 check was $323 which is less than prior years, yet the sales were not much different and Chris will contact to see if there was an error

  • Sports Boosters has net income of $280, but Chris mentioned that Boosters had just handed in $1K from concessions frombasketball games this season

  • Performing Arts has $261 from the sale of snacks/bows from Fall Fest

  • Chris mentioned that it would be helpful to put stipend information on the PTO website to make it easier for teachers to access and also it would be helpful if the teachers could upload receipts to the website. Tyler will help with these requests.

  • John Mark mentioned that the Sports Boosters budget reflects that soccer uniforms are not paid out, but the school bought uniforms. L Shirey will contact Joe Lohr for a receipt. John Mark also mentioned that the tournaments would not be taking place.

  • The PTO 2 year commitment in the amount of $30K for the gym floor was discused. PTO has paid $4,500 (reallocated Covid funds) and $1,762 (flower fundraiser) for a total of $6,262. The Commitee will look at the fund balance after the auction to determine how much is available to fund the comittment and to determine if sports boosters might contribute (but there is no rush for sports boosters to determine to fund the floor at this point). Chris will look into Easter flower sale. Laurie suggested we get help to run the sale.

● Sports Boosters-L Shirey reported

  • High school sports banquet - discussed keeping it a dinner to be held at school. 9th graders will set up and tear down. Looking at food vendors.

  • Middle school-will combine fall, winter and spring for one event in spring-date TBD

● Performing Arts-B Newell reported

  • Prodiction-Wizard of Oz. 3 shows. 5/21 7PM & 5/22 1PM and 7PM

  • Susan Wood, Barbara Newell and Dr. Kim each have different parts of production

  • Have 83 K-5 kids and will divide into 3 groups with each group performing in one of the 3 showtimes

  • Older kids' will be ineach of the 3 productions

  • Plan to sell Playbill ads to fund new lighting which is currently rented. Barbara will get a quote.

  • Will continue to sell flowers and concessions

  • Need graphic designer and volunteers to work with the kids and do makeup

● Fundraisers

  • Lori R is doing the Redners tapes

  • Lori asked what is happening with BoxTops. Christina and Barbara explained that Boxtops has gone digital and it is difficult. Scan reciepts. We need to find out from Joe Lohr wher BoxTops are being credited to sicnce Grandparents group is no longer meeting

  • Christina explained that when Grandparents group reconvenes, PTO will return Boxtops and Redners tapes to them

● PTO Board-Elizabeth reported that some people have voiced an interest in joining PTO. She discussed that it would be good if those interested could shadow the position this spring before nominations in May

● Website-Tyler mentioned that he setup PTO Volunteers.

● Next Meeting:

April 13th at 7:30

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