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4/30/19 Meeting Minutes

Attending: John McLoughlin, Chris Crawford, Karlene Novotny, Cheryl Laffey, Kim Jenkins, Elizabeth Howe, Chris Blasko, Katie Scott, Jill Barton, Scott Minor, Barb Newell, Barb Hass, Abby Overbey, John Mark Niehls, Ellie McGee

Absent: Julie Sawyer, Jim McAndrew, Tana Connolly, Karlene Novotny, Chip Minto, Lori Reinschmidt, Joe Lohr, Steph Beener, Jenny Steffie

Board Changes

  • Tyler Newell taking over for John McLoughlin.


  • $39,525 raised. Expecting an additional $500 sponsor donation

  • Three items left that were not bid on. Need to decide what to do with those things

  • Katie is doing something with the items online like an ebay

  • Complaints about auctioneer being too mean regarding kids portraits

Performing Arts Update

  • Expense Total $2,320.53

  • Income $4,009.50

  • Total Profit $1,688.97

  • Barb is going to look into using a different ticket company instead of Seat Yourself

  • No talent show this year. Looking for help.

  • Not everyone was aware that there was a $75 fee for the participants. Barb is going to talk to Scott and Joe to make it more clear moving forward.

  • Karlene suggested replacing stage curtain. Barb is looking into repairing instead of replacing.

  • They are hoping for a new facade

Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Themed days

  • Jill is estimating it would be about $1,000.00 to cover the whole week and support Pre-School through 12th grade staff.

  • John and Elizabeth voted yes to funding $1,000.00 for this week.

  • Kim is going to send John Mark a paragraph to announce to parents what the plans are

Treasurer’s Report

  • Nobody is in the red. Every group has profited this year.

  • $38,063.00 in the general fund

  • Looking forward to modifications and ear-marked items for next year

  • Discussing what we want to spend the auction funds on

PTO Funds Request

  • All fund requests need to go through John Mark and/or Jill not PTO directly.

  • $1,500.00 budget for field trip scholarships

100 Day of School

  • Moving it to Urban Air

New Tech Endeavors

  • Tyler and John are working on a more streamlined PTO website, google forms, wordpress, etc.

  • Grammar school looking to add iPads and media platforms to classrooms. Some funds available from the state. Hoping to roll out in a 12-month plan

  • $170.00 funding for Right Now Media Trial. Katie will get teacher feedback and meet with Jill and/or John Mark regarding their thoughts.

  • Secondary would benefit from more ipads or surface pros

  • John Mark and Jill will send teachers email to send fund requests to Jill and John Mark for June meeting

5K/Fall Fest/Homecoming

  • Jenny …..

Next Meetings

  • May 30th Family PTO meeting, Consignment Sale, Pizza & Ice Cream

  • June Meeting at Sanatoga

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