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5/11/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Present: Elizabeth Howe, Kim Jenkins, Chip Minto, Jenny Steffie, John Niehls, Annie Fox,

Christina Crawford

Ice Cream Social

● June 2nd

● Discussed ice cream options: Brewsters, So Cool, Too Soft Serve

● So Cool truck because of variety and dairy free options.

● Flyer: time, free ice cream,

● Need a table for sign in and to get ice cream tickets

○ List for Chip to get out of PTO closet: Tickets, basket/container, pens

● Look for more people for sports boosters, auction committee

○ Consider having a nominating committee

○ Discuss about how many hours per week that the position takes and how many

meetings per year

○ Have board members talk about what they have gotten out of serving on PTO

○ Chip will create a video presentation

■ Pictures and videos in a Google folder for Chip

■ All materials to Chip by May 26th

○ Jenny will create a Google doc to describe board positions

○ Jenny will create a Google folder to collect pictures and multimedia

By-Laws: Discuss adding an attendance/participation clause to the by-laws

Auction: No new information

Performing Arts:

● Play is happening

● Ticket sales will go out tonight or tomorrow (no reserved seating)

● Exploring other ticket sale sites

Sports Boosters:

● Planning high school athletic banquet, May 17th

○ Cutillos will cater

○ 102 RSVP’s currently

● Middle school awards May 18th

○ No meal, just dessert

○ Mike Benke is coordinating this event

○ Chip will work on the program

Clothing Sale:

● Need to choose a date for the next clothing sale

Fall Fest:

● Friday, October 8th

● Looking to create a committee for Fall Fest

● Barb Newell - will contact food trucks if we cannot get a volunteer

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