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6/30/20 PTO Meeting Minutes


Present: Elizabeth Howe, Christina Crawford, Chris Blasko, Cheryl Laffey, Tyler Newell, Tana Connolly, Karleen Novotny, Jenny Steffie, Kim Jenkins

Auction Update:

People are still sending in items. Need projects from teachers. We have close to 100 items. John Mark needs to check with teachers on class projects. Need to set up items in the tent on Saturday. Will need 10-12 tables. Tent will be in field, food in the pavilion. Need people for check-in/check-out. Looking for food from Moyers or Wegmans (BBQ style meal). Reimbursements will be given to anyone who asks for one. Discussed emailing people who already paid for auction tickets and offering a reimbursement. Karleen will call Moyers, Tana will contact the food truck. All will be silent auctions. Bidding will stop at 7:30, check out will begin at 8. Food will be by donation. Start dinner at 5:30. Deadline for sign-up Monday, July 6th. John has DJ arranged. Card readers will arrive Monday. We need a mobile hotspot to run the card readers. Will use phones as mobile hotspots (1 phone per card reader). Need a printer. Tyler will help with tech set-up. Discussed moving to Event Center if there is rain.


PTO General Fund update: Did not spend $8,000, brought in $10,000

Discussed what to do with extra IEW Writing Training funds. There will be online training this summer at less cost. Funds may be used for this.

Performing Arts:

Continue with Oklahoma in the fall (October 23-25). Spring play will probably be grammar school focused.


Some people are getting multiple emails. Tyler will look into this. Discussed starting new email chain for each new topic. Also discussed communicating through other methods (TEAMS, group chat)

Sports Boosters:

Virtual sports banquet this year. Meals through Brooke’s Café. Seniors and coaches will receive personalized NIKE gift bag. Looking for new sports co-chair.

Discussed advertising open positions and filling positions in the fall. Look into recruiting new board members.

August Meeting for Executive Board

September General PTO Meeting

Have Parent representative for each grade level. Ask parent representative to attend meetings and connect with class parents.

Jenny - Send Doodle for August meeting

Fall Fest:

Tana will look into food truck for Fall Fest

Open Positions: Auction co-chair, Sports Boosters, co-chair, 5k coordinator

Used Uniform Sale: Try for the week of July 13th, send an email looking for donations

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