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7/16/19 Meeting Minutes

PTO Executive Board Meeting

Present: Tyler Newell, Jenny Steffie, Christina Crawford, Julie Sawyer, Katie Scott, Cheryl Laffey,Chris Blasko, Tana Connolly, Kim Jenkins

Budgeting: Chris Blasko

  • There are no new funding requests since our last meeting

  • Questions: School is spending less on IEW training, do we still want to allocate the same amount? (Yes, if school wants to spend it)

  • Can we come up with other fundraising ideas?

  • Night at a restaurant (McPrincipal’s night, O’Gradys night, Applebee’s breakfast), Julie Sawyer will look into this

  • Pair restaurant nights with spirit week?

  • KidStuff books will be every other year (wait until 2020-21)

  • Sell agenda books (Chris B. will look into this, contact Mrs. Tucker)

  • Sell more spiritwear

  • Look into working with company found by Joe Lohr

  • Cheryl Laffey will get new catalog and look into it

  • Cheryl will look into Applebee’s pancake breakfast

  • Dodgeball tournament – work to make it more of a fundraiser

  • Work to find a way to make teams easier and earlier

  • Can we combine with another event?

  • Parents vs. kids games

  • Soccer tournament?

  • Flowers and bake sale at performances

  • Try to sell flowers at other events (piano/violin recitals, chorus)

  • Donation jar for performance arts

  • Nerf party at 422 sportsplex (for secondary)

  • Invite Grandparents club representative to PTO meeting to help with fundraising.

  • Ask grandparents club to help with Santa Shop

Bi-Laws update

  • Discussed changes to spending limits

  • We agreed that current spending limits were acceptable

  • Tyler will add language to allow current board to plan events for the upcoming year

  • We will need to revisit this and vote on the new language

Fall Fest (October 11)

  • Katie and Tana will look into food trucks

  • Bonfire at 6:30

  • Danny C. looking into obtaining permit for bonfire

  • Food trucks parked by pavilion

  • No petting zoo

  • 5k and pancake breakfast on Saturday, October 12th

  • Kids games from 3:30 – 6:30

  • Jenny will organize games and create sign-ups for games

  • Shannon Brown will organize 5k but cannot attend that day

  • We will need someone to run the 5k on race day

Auction: Katie and Christina will still head the auction committee

Send PTO dates to Melissa Gelwicks

New Family Orientation (8/29/19)

  • 2 tables

  • Jenny S., Christina, (send out email for more volunteers)

  • Consignment sale that 8/29

  • Consignment sale date for late July or early August

Look into PTO t-shirts (Cheryl)

Next PTO meeting, first of the new school year, September 10th 6:30pm

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