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8/18/20 PTO Meeting Minutes

8/18/2020 Executive PTO Meeting

Present: Tyler Newell, Jenny Steffie, Tana Connolly, Cheryl Laffey, Barb Newell, Karlene Novotny, Lori Reinschmidt, Christina Crawford, Mike Benhke, John Niehls, Kim Jenkins, Elizabeth Howe, Chris Blasko (participating virtually)

Performing Arts –

  • Oklahoma scheduled for the fall

  • Still working under last year’s budget

  • Want to start a “wish list” for technology upgrades for stage (lightboard…)

  • Some of these things are needs, lights are broken

  • Consider making tech crew more robust

  • Teach light theory, sound setup, costuming, makeup…

  • Working with Concordia (holds the rights for Oklahoma), to be able to film Oklahoma but still waiting on response

  • Fundraising opportunity for this year: CCS Christmas ornament

Sports Boosters-

  • Fundraising will be limited this year (possibly no fans, can only sell prepackaged food)

  • New Athletic Director, Mike Benhke

  • Will need new fundraising

  • Fall Sportswear sale

  • Pancake Breakfast

Auction Recap:

  • Good turnout, nice to be outside, more setup was involved

  • Made about $10,268

  • Looking for a venue for next year, perhaps the Carousel (under renovation)

  • NEED a co-chair for next year (someone creative and marketing oriented)

CCS Facebook page

  • Was deleted by former administrator

  • Kim Jenkins will create a new page but wants it to be “owned” by CCS so that it can’t be deleted again.


  • Discuss budgeted items: All budgeted Expense Reserved Items approved

  • Soccer uniforms amount increased due to shipping cost

  • Items to delete: 5k/Pancake Breakfast

  • $13,800 remains in budget after planned expenses

  • Need to be spent or allotted by Sept. 1st

  • Potential idea: allocate to CCS Covid Emergency fund (can reallocate if needed)

Sports Booster fund: Adjust sports banquet to reserved funds and decrease cost to $3,000

  • Tournaments/Clinics change to $2,000 and move to reserved funds

  • Students events $500 change to sports equipment and changed to reserved funds

By-laws changes:

  • Vote to approve by-law change to allow current board to allocate funds for next school year.

  • Unanimous approval (Tyler, Elizabeth, Tana, Jenny, Christina, Kim, Lori, Chris, Cheryl)

Requests for funds

  • $1,000 each to Grammar, House for event funds

  • $1,000 Science Olympiad, requested by Mary Cutillo

  • $1,000 Summer Immersion camps

  • $1,500 for Sports Boosters events

  • $1,500 for Performing Arts events

  • $300 Mileage club

  • $2,000 to Preschool for general use

  • Remaining $4,500 in funds to Covid 19 Uncertainty Fund

Budget: Unanimous approval for all highlighted items (Tyler, Elizabeth, Tana, Jenny, Christina, Kim, Lori, Chris, Cheryl)

Consignment Sale: August 25th, need help tomorrow from 5-7 pm, looking for new coordinator

SLACK email system – Tyler will setup Zoom demo

September Meeting: Jenny will connect with John N. to get a few potential dates and then set up Doodle poll to choose date.

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