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9/10/19 Meeting Minutes

Present: Tyler Newell, Chip Minto, Barbara Newell, Christina Crawford, Elizabeth Howe, Cheryl Laffey, Katie Scott, Chris Blasko, Jill Barton, Jenny Steffie, Jim McAndrews


Fall Fest

  • We have food (John Mark) - details are not finalized

  • Plan to sell ice cream (concessions)

  • PTO to get materials for smores for the Bonfire

  • a Dunk Tank has been rented

  • Jenny to contact David Smith about Student Volunteers

  • Plan to create an online sign-up (using

  • Contact ROG about photo booth

STEM Night (September 20)

  • Need help for consignment sale (3-4pm)

  • May need classroom helpers

  • Plan to create an online sign-up

PTO Volunteer Opportunities

  • Send links to Tyler so he can put them on the website

Update PTO 2 hour pledge forms (add PTO web address)

SPORTS BOOSTERS Dodgeball (mostly grammar school age)

  • Proposed date - November 16th

Nerf battle at 422 Sports Complex

  • $215 per hour

  • If 25 kids attend, about $10 per kid

  • Create an interest survey

  • Proposed dates - February 22nd or 29th

Spiritwear online shop (proposed)

  • Online shop - Question: Can these items be worn in gym class? (discuss with administration)


Pancake Breakfast after 5k

  • Looking for volunteers

Secret Santa

  • Kim Jenkins

  • December 2-6th

  • Create sign-up for volunteers

  • Try to include grandparent volunteers

Basketball playoffs - February 14-16th


  • Keep the same date, February 13th

  • Need a sign-up for volunteers


  • Currently looking for a larger venue (300 people)

  • Looking for volunteers to procure items

  • Volunteers for class baskets


Sports Boosters

  • Money this year spent on digital pianos, girls volleyball uniforms

  • New uniforms will cost significantly more than predicted ($4-5,000)

  • Cost for event center sound system was over budget

  • Can we re-allocate excess piano funds to sound system? (Executive decision: Have the school pay the remainder)

Small Fundraisers

  • Giant A+

  • Amazon Smile (add links to website)


  • Vote to accept new language in by-laws about future expenditures


Plan to have 2 shows this school year:

  • Fall - scenes from Shakespeare (3rd-12th)

  • Spring - Oklahoma (junior version, all grades)

Potential Fundraisers

  • Christmas ornament sale

  • Pre-recording choir concerts (sell through Itunes? - what % will performing arts receive?)


  • Send ideas/requests through CCS page

  • Investigate who receives these email and has access to these emails

  • PTO email link on website does not work (fixed)


  • Looking for student liaison

  • Jim McAndrews, Chip Minto, and John Niehls

  • Recruit through house leaders


  • Tuesday, October 29th (Town Hall format)

  • Look to hire babysitter(s)

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