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9/14/21 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attending: Elizabeth Howe, Barbara Newell, Chris Blasko, Lilian Graham, Christina Crawford, Laurie Shirey, Barbara Roque, Mike Stevens, Jill Barton, Shanise DePaul, Noranne Kocher, Jason and Kelly Cassel, Rachael Fisher, Teresa Derstine, and John Mark Niehls

Via Zoom: Laura Heebner, Kim Jenkins, Darlene Slenker, and Tyler Newell

Attendees introduced themselves and what their positions are on the committee. First-time attendees introduced themselves as well.

Elizabeth mentioned that the PTO is attempting to schedule meetings on the second Tuesday of each month. They’re always looking for volunteers and co-chairs for each position. She’s trying to get volunteers for the Fall Festival and needs to fill several roles. Games could use updating. She needs someone to call local vendors and get prices for pumpkins.

Someone asked the question: will high schoolers or parents be running games? Most games are for elementary and preschool children. Links to sign up will be on Eagle Express. Barbara will look into games and see what needs to be updated. The Fall Festival won’t be rescheduled unless it’s a “torrential downpour,” according to John Mark Niehls.

Someone asked about a DJ. John Mark suggested just setting up speakers and playing a playslist. Barbara suggested having an older student run the music for service hours.

Elizabeth mentioned other PTO events throughout the year:

  • Holiday Shop/Secret Santa in December during the school day

  • 5K race/Pancake breakfast

  • 100th day of school, evening after school in February

  • Auction around the first week of April

  • Ice cream social at end of year

  • Teacher appreciation day

Barbara - sports and performing arts boosters do their own fundraising events. There are two plays a year. They sell tickets and concessions and there are flower sales at events. The goal is to get the choir to do an event as well.

Laurie – snack bar at sporting events, dinner at end of year for HS athletes; middle school has seasonal awards program.

Chris - Square One Art – can purchase children’s artwork in various items.

Christina C. – Auction raises money in a one-night event, fellowship for parents, grandparents (children not allowed), only open to CCS families, not open to public. Last year was the most successful year with $53,000 raised. This money goes back into the school (gym floor, teacher stipends). The PTO decides where the money goes. This also funds the Fall Festival. Babysitting is provided by HS volunteers and two parents. She’ll be getting a committee together for procurement in January/February. She needs a new co-chair who likes event planning since her co-chair is moving.

Someone mentioned Facebook pages for specific classes as well as a general CCS Facebook page.

Chris Blasko presented the financial report. Money was pooled and meetings occurred during the summer to decide how to spend the money. None of the money is kept; it all goes back into the school, because it’s a nonprofit.

The PTO page can be found on the CCS website under “Parents,” “PTO.”

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