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9/22/20 Meeting Minutes

PTO General Meeting

Board Members Present: Elizabeth Howe, Tyler Newell, Kim Jenkins, Christina Crawford, John Niehls, Jenny Steffie, Chris Blasko, Lori Reinschmidt, Chip Minto

  • Introduce current board

Elizabeth Howe and Tyler Newell: Co-chairs

Christina Crawford – Auction chair

Kim Jenkins – Communications

Chris Blasko – Treasurer

Jenny Steffie – Secretary

Chip Minto – Student liason

Lori Reinschmidt – Sports Boosters

Barb Newell – Performing Arts boosters

  • Discussed PTO positions and events to explain their purpose and solicit volunteers.

  • Board Positions to be filled:

Auction co-chairs: Kristina Groetsch, Annie Fox, Wendy Moyer, Joy Shehoski, Melody Hartman

Sports Boosters co-chair:

Pancake Breakfast coordinators: Katie Nelson , Kia Green

Fall Fest: Marie Anders, Sabrina Payonk

Holiday Shoppe: Susan Hackett

Treasurer: Dorine Achoki

Communications co-chair: Laura Heeber

Santa Shop: Laura Heeber

Uniform Sale: Kelly Chang, Darleen Slanker

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