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August 10, 2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Kim Jenkins, Tyler Newell, John Mark Niehls, Jenny Steffie, Kristina Caban, Christina Crawford, Darleen Slanker, Wendy ?, Tara Stahlback, Lilian, AJ, Barbara Newell, Laurie Shirey

Secretaries are to record minutes and action items. Each will take one or the other. Whoever takes the action items will email everyone immediately after the meeting.


There was a discussion about the attendance requirement. The 8-out-of-12 meeting attendance requirement will remain for the executive committee. Future meetings will alternate between Tuesdays and Wednesdays to accommodate schedules. Executive meetings may be longer, but meetings with parents will be kept to one hour to encourage attendance.

Tyler suggested a Google form when votes aren’t held in person. Voting will NOT be conducted via email.

Kim made a motion to approve the 2022 bylaws. Lilian seconded the motion. There were no questions. All were in favor; none opposed.


Barbara presented the performing arts budget. Since Susan wasn’t present to vote as required by the bylaws, the vote will be conducted via Google forms after the meeting. Tyler, Kim, and the performing arts chairs will vote.

The Sports boosters budget discussion was tabled since Chip wasn’t present. Kim asked Laurie to work with Chip to finalize the budget and provide it to Kim and Tyler so they can vote on it. Laurie and John Mark will discuss uniforms offline.

Fall Fest Update:

Jenny and Laurie will confirm food plans offline. Jenny is trying to provide an opportunity for everyone to fundraise at the fest. Two food trucks, cupcake truck, no farm animals, inflatable obstacle course, rock wall, two escape rooms, bonfire, inflatable archery. Volunteer meeting will be held Monday. She’ll do the Sign-Up Genius after she has an idea of what volunteers will be needed, but fewer will be needed than in previous years. Jenny will speak with Lilian about a potential ticketing system. Kim suggested sending reminders to parents to bring cash. John Mark ordered CCS swag to give away at Fall Fest. He needs ideas for how to give it away. PTO will think about ideas for discussion at the next meeting.

House T-shirt Update: logos were designed by children and not easy to put on a shirt. John Mark suggested new logos for printing and suggested doing so as a house challenge. Shirts will be around $11.50 - $13.50 per shirt.

Back to School and New Family Orientation Night:

Volunteers are needed for half and half of the event. John Mark predicted that the seminar will be in the gym. 2 people for each table before and after the tables 5 – 6:30 and 6:30 – 8.

Uniform Sale:

Discussion about uniform sale and paying for donated items. It was suggested that CCS pays per piece for donations. Donations are also tax deductible, so receipts can be given for donations.


Lilian asked that the treasurers be given about two weeks notice for cash requests. Kim suggested emailing even coordinators ahead of events to remind them.

Meeting was adjourned.

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