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July 20, 2022 Executive Board Meeting Minutes

20Jul2022 CCS PTO Meeting

Attendees: Tyler Newell (PTO vice chair), Barbara Newell (performing arts co-chair), John Mark Niehls, Tara Stahlback, Kristina Caban, Christina Crawford (Auction committee co-chair), Chip Minto (sports booster), Jill Barton (grammar school dean), Susan Wood (performing arts co-chair, Lilian Graham, Kim Jenkins, Daniell Urban

Bylaws Review

Quorum will be kept to 10 members. Attendance is required for 8 out of 12 meetings for executive committee members. Zoom is acceptable for attendance. Electronic voting is acceptable when conducted via Google forms, but email is not acceptable. A vote on the bylaws will occur at the next meeting so that new members have an opportunity to review.

Description of Co-chair Responsibilities

The events coordinator co-chair oversees the events calendar and helps to recruit others to help with events.

The secretary co-chairs are responsible for adding email addresses to the contact list, sending Signup Geniuses for events, making sure meeting minutes are accurate and not too detailed and making sure that Tyler has them in a timely manner so that they can be posted onto the website, and keeping roll call to ensure attendance.


PTO t-shirts will be ordered and members are encouraged/expected to wear them during events.

Kim proposed and David Smith agreed to the having house t-shirts available for purchase for family members. Kim asked for volunteers or suggested potential volunteers to help. A budget line item was added to order 200 shirts.


Budget was discussed. Many of the less expensive requests from teachers will be covered by a state grant and coordinated by Jill Barton. All present in favor. None apposed.


Back to School night is scheduled for 9/1/2022.

PTO meetings will now be scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month.

The events calendar for 2022-2023 was reviewed and approved.

Tasks for Secretaries:

  • Create Google form to collect sizes for PTO t-shirts.

  • Send Sign-up Genius for 9/1/22 5:30 – 8:30 for 4 volunteers.

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