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September 12th, 2022 General PTO Meeting Minutes

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Attendees: to be completed with attendance signature sheet.

Mr. Niehls opened with prayer.

Townhall meeting date was confirmed at Nov 1st.

Events Updates

Mr. Oliver opened the discussion about holding the 5k. Believes it would be more profitable this year. Thinks advertising would increase runner count. Needs 18 runners to run race. He thinks we can keep the event if the pancake breakfast is dropped. There were ~40 volunteers last year. That many aren’t needed this year. The pancake breakfast is being moved to the Christmas season. Mr. Oliver suggested moving the event to the end of the year so it doesn’t conflict with the auction. Mrs. Pritt is fine with eliminating the obstacle course. Mrs. Steffie suggested having a running club and offering free tickets to the participants and encourage family to run. A mileage run exists

Kim Jenkins encouraged everyone to speak freely as the PTO meeting format is open forum.

Additional vote results following the meeting:

5K race and dates:

The final result is YES to giving the 5K one more chance. The majority chose May for this date but November was a close second.

Urban Air:

Yes to charging $10 per jumper at Urban Air. Yes to guaranteeing 380 jumpers at a lower cost per person. Chick fil A was tied for CFA fundraiser being enough or CFA plus whole pizza pies offered.

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