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For Coventry Kids

A Safer Gym


Our plan is to install a new gym floor on top of the existing concrete floor in our multi-purpose gymnasium.


Our vision is to have a maple wood floor that will be safe for our Coventry Kids

and that will last for many years to come. 

Every student at CCS from our infants to our senior high uses the Events Center Gym for Preschool Play Time, Gym Class, Indoor Recess, Summer Day Camp, Special Events, Sports Practice and Games, and at times a Cafeteria. 

In order to recognize all of the CCS families who are contributing toward this project, the school will be putting up a donor wall, similar to the example below.  

$100+ Donors: Small Block with up to 25 characters

$300+ Donors: Medium Block with up to 50 characters

$1,000+ Donors: Large Block with up to 100 characters

Our goal is for every CCS to be represented on the donor wall, on behalf of our kids!

Donor Wall.jpg

Example image of donor wall.

Help us provide a safer gym for our Coventry Kids.


  • Safety- The current painted concrete floor is a safety concern for our students, sports teams and guests. 

  • Maintenance- The current floor is difficult for our crew to maintain, and the paint is easily chipped.

  • Aesthetics- We strive for a high standard of professionalism in our facilities that the current floor does not meet.


Coventry Christian Schools relies on the donations of friends, family, alumni and loyal supporters to help offset the financial burden of essential projects and fundraisers for our school community. 

Our goal is to raise $130,000 by April 2021 in order to install the new floor in Summer 2021. 

Project Timeline

Fundraising: Oct. 2020- March 2021

Floor Design Decision: April 2020

Construction Begins: Summer 2021

Construction Completed: August 2021

We are asking mission-minded friends and supporters of CCS to make a generous contribution to this important project which is the first step of our strategic plan for the future of Coventry Christian Schools

Will you partner with us?