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Uniform Requirement


Coventry Christian Schools sets a high standard for students in their dress and appearance to express reverence for God and for the task of education and to demonstrate respect for one another. CCS employs a uniform policy for grammar and secondary students to further a sense of school community and unity as well as promote a positive work ethic and modesty. Students are expected to be in uniform when on campus at CCS unless a rare occasion has been specified by their principal. CCS partners with Tommy Hilfiger as the contracted uniform vendor for our school. 

Additional Grammar (K-Fifth Grade) Uniform Options:

Similar clothing mimicking the cut, style and color of the options from the approved Coventry Christian School Uniform through Tommy Hilfiger in recognition of cost savings and wear factors for younger students (K-5th).  Students must have at least one navy, burgundy or white CCS left chest logoed shirt polo (golf style) shirt or oxford for special dress up days. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and athletic bottoms are to be worn on PE days only.

Families may shop directly from Tommy Hilfiger at

An ordering guide is available to assist parents by clicking here.



  • Modesty and respect consistently reflected in student attire.

  • Creates a more academic setting in which student attitudes are reflective of their dress.

  • Reduces social comparisons and value judgments rooted in social status attained via brands and styles.

  • Reduces need for parental and administrative intervention and judgments, freeing them to focus on more important tasks.

  • Eliminates shopping frustrations for parents.

  • If properly managed, reduces clothing costs for many families.

  • Builds school spirit and promotes the CCS “brand” in our community.

  • One-stop shopping via Internet.

  • Uniform exchange program reduces future clothing costs.

  • Financial aid/discount programs provided to families with need.

  • PTO run consignment program is available to help defray the upfront costs.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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