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At Coventry Christian Schools, we want the parents involved! There are so many ways you can contribute to the CCS community and the success of your child in our school. The success of our program depends upon strong relationships between the teachers, administration, and parents. Those relationships are built by your involvement. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Get on Renweb (especially secondary families) to check on your child’s progress!
  • Call or email your child’s teachers frequently.
  • When you have concerns, speak your mind to the person who needs to hear it—the person most directly responsible for your concern.
  • Attend school activities both during and after school hours. To visit during the school day, just let your child’s teacher know ahead of time when you would like to come.
  • Assist or lead an extracurricular activity
  • Assist or coach in the athletics program
  • Chaperone a field trip or class trip
  • Join us on service projects and mission trips
  • Join any number of parental groups or efforts on behalf or your child
  • Parent, Teachers, and Others (PTO)
  • Volunteer for Extracurriculars
  • When you have an idea or concern, let us know. We want to partner closely with you for our students.

If you would like to know more about how to get involved, see your child’s teacher or principal, and we’ll help you find your place at CCS!

Volunteer Opportunities

Check back to see when a new volunteer opportunity is available!

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